Herbie Rosenberg is the Managing Director at Africareps. He has worked in the travel industry representing Africa as a destination for many years and is your go-to man when it comes to advice on selling clients there.

Herbie is someone you need to get to know, and here is why.

What is your job description and what does your role involve?

Africareps is an African tourism product representation company based in Melbourne. We have been marketing and promoting our African partners and their products, many being safari related, which we represent to the Australian and New Zealand travel industry for over 14 years. We provide information, service, support, marketing collateral, images & copy for publications as well as training by Zoom or face-to-face by means of a PowerPoint presentation. We work in a support role for the travel industry and respect all existing channels. All the products we represent can conveniently be viewed on our website – www.africareps.com.

Which parts of the travel industry do you work with?

I cover all areas of our industry, including African destination specialist wholesalers, retail travel agents including Virtuoso, corporate and MICE, and the media.

What do you love most about your job?

Working with all the great people in our industry, my passion for Africa as well as assisting consultants in the industry to create life-changing African holidays and safaris.

What are the challenges of your role?

Overcoming the misperceptions (often exaggerated by Smartraveller) by many in the industry that Africa is unsafe, resulting in the reticence to travel there so that travel consultants can communicate the correct information to the consumer – their clients.

What do you wish the travel industry did more of?

Use me more to help overcome their fear of creating itineraries for Africa, a destination that too many consultants know too little about. This will overcome the tendency to use the least line of resistance and off-sell to a destination with which they are more familiar.

How can the travel industry work with you?

By contacting me for assistance, I can put them in touch with an African destination specialist consultant who will create itineraries appropriate for their client’s needs and budget.

What is your favourite African experience and why?

Being poled through the Okavango Delta’s waterways in a ‘mokoro’ [dugout canoe] or walking in the Victoria Falls rain forest.

Where is your next African adventure to?


Contact Herbie

Email: herbie@africareps.com
Website: www.africareps.com

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