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Madagascar Classic Collection focuses on high-end itineraries which the travel industry, and most consumers are completely unaware of.

They make the logistics of such itineraries simple by creating private charter itineraries to avoid long and sometimes arduous road transfers. This differentiates them and helps focus people on what an upmarket Madagascar tour can look like. 

Madagascar Classic Collection have created a selection of sample itineraries, some using private charters like the suggested itinerarie below. These are perfect examples for visiting our Mandrare Camp located in the south ease of the island and for Anjajavy Lodge, located in the north west of the island. They also recommend private flights for shorter stays which could include the aforementioned as well as Miavana, an island sanctuary in the north for ultra-upmarket clients.

Madagascar Classic Collection are completely different to what other Madagascan operators are selling and are focused on what they do best.

 Here are some key points:

  • We have been handling high-end experiential tours to Madagascar for over 15 years and as such employ the best English speaking guides,
  • We have a native English speaker on call 24/7 when clients are in country
  • We are the only DMC in Madagascar whose sole focus is on the high-end English speaking market
  • We are an anglophone run company with Edward Tucker-Brown (a UK citizen with Madagascan residence), Valerie Perrier (a US citizen who lived in Madagascar for many years) and Antoine (an Irish citizen based in Antananarivo) running the show. This allows us to combine our extensive knowledge of Madagascar with a unique understanding of our source markets to create experiences that fit well with our clients’ needs.
  • We have a fully staffed office in Antananarivo with senior management, highly qualified guides and consultants.
  • We own and manage Mandrare Camp, an upmarket camp in the semi-arid south-east of the Island and are constructing a new upmarket camp in the Namoroka Tsingy Reserve, in the north-west of the Island, to open in June 2024. Both are in unique environments with specifically adapted and endemic lemurs.
  • We offer authentic, non-invasive community visits.
  • Culture, community, conservation and the environment are key to our existence.
  • We are constantly renewing and evaluating our product knowledge and keeping abreast of the latest developments.
  • This year alone senior management has visited more than 10 Madagascan destinations which we recommend and use in our itineraries”. 

Madagascar Itineraries

You can view the itineraries below:


Australian-based Africareps are available to answer questions and provide immediate assistance with any Madagascan information you may require, by emailing Herbie on

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