In a remarkable move that promises to redefine luxury conservation experiences in Kenya, renowned experiential and conservation company, andBeyond, has just unveiled its latest venture – an Exclusive Tourism Concession on the sprawling 44,000-acre Suyian Conservancy in Kenya. In collaboration with the global conservation charity Space for Giants, this partnership has sparked immense excitement in the travel world.

This multi-decade long-term lease is not just about adding another luxury lodge to the safari circuit; it’s a milestone in the effort to protect and preserve the precious wilderness of Laikipia. Nestled in the northwestern Laikipia region, Suyian Conservancy is set to become a sanctuary of unparalleled luxury, providing visitors with a unique connection to the untamed beauty of Kenya.

Joss Kent, CEO and Executive Chairman of andBeyond, expressed his enthusiasm for this expansion into the heart of Kenyan wilderness, stating, “Laikipia is a prime wilderness area that is home to a greater population of wildlife than anywhere else in Kenya outside of the Masai Mara.” Kent went on to highlight the significance of this venture from a conservation perspective, underscoring its role in securing and protecting endangered wildlife and habitat ecosystems while empowering local communities.

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The partnership with Space for Giants, a conservation charity founded by Dr. Max Graham, holds great promise. Space for Giants has been instrumental in addressing the human-elephant conflict in Laikipia, which is home to one of the largest free-roaming populations of elephants on the continent. Their strategy of transforming private ranches into wildlife conservancies, with an emphasis on community benefits, aligns perfectly with andBeyond’s mission.

Dr. Graham, in speaking about the Suyian Conservancy Trust, emphasized the enduring protection it offers to Suyian and its wildlife “for the benefit of Kenyans and, indeed, the world.”

Suyian Conservancy itself is a true gem, featuring diverse landscapes such as grasslands, savannas, rocky outcrops, dense vachellia woodlands, and more, along with over 10 miles of river frontage alongside the Ewaso Narok River. The wildlife population is nothing short of astonishing, featuring rare species like the melanistic leopard, African wild dog, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, and many more.

Beyond traditional safari experiences, Suyian is a haven for unique activities like walking safaris, camel safaris, horse-riding safaris, botany walks, and exploring rich cultural history, including cave paintings and artifacts dating back to the Stone Age. Interaction with local pastoral tribes and engagement in conservation and research activities promise an enriching cultural experience.

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Located within easy reach of Nairobi by air or road, Suyian serves as a gateway to more remote adventures, including helicopter safaris and visits to the Northern Frontier region, Lake Turkana, and the Suguta Valley. The conservancy also offers spectacular views of Mount Kenya and opportunities for scenic flights and fishing trips.

Suyian’s transformation from cattle ranching to land managed for conservation, combined with limited cattle grazing, reflects a forward-thinking approach that prioritizes soil health, biodiversity, and community development. andBeyond’s intention to contribute to the conservation and community projects in Laikipia aligns with their “Care of the Land, Wildlife, and People” ethos.

This partnership with Suyian Conservancy paves the way for a shared commitment to land stewardship, wildlife protection, community support, and collaborative conservation efforts. It could even lead to the creation of a larger “super conservancy” in the future, further reinforcing the positive impact of this project.

In a final statement, Kent emphasized, “Its untouched nature and wild spaces, combined with our strict conservation ethics, will make this the ideal exclusive wildlife viewing destination, far from the large tourist numbers that can often be found in other parts of East Africa.”

The highly anticipated andBeyond Suyian Lodge is set to open its doors in 2025, offering discerning travellers an unprecedented safari experience in this enchanting corner of Kenya. Stay tuned as this exclusive haven of nature and luxury unfolds in the heart of Laikipia.

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