From Pioneers in 1969, to Trailblazers in 2024, 55 years ago today, Charles Bench shook up the travel scene by launching Australia’s first Africa travel specialist. His vision and pioneering spirit paved the way for a legacy of adventure that continues to thrive today.

Over five decades later, with a focus solely on Africa, Bench Africa asks agents to join them in celebrating their inspiring founder, the late Charles Bench. With unwavering pride, Bench Africa honours his legacy as they forge ahead, raising a glass to 55 years of unforgettable safaris and cherished memories.

Bench Specials

Along with celebrating their birthday, Bench Africa has released an updated collection of great specials. Flyers are available for download and the new packages are ready for sale, so don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative for customised versions for your marketing.

Download Here.

Bench Africa now accepting Mint Payments

The industry has spoken, and Bench Africa listened. Agency partners are increasingly using Mint Payments as their preferred payment method and so Bench Africa are finally onboard. Still accepting payments from Travel Pay, Paymentgate, Money Direct and Direct Deposit, Bench Africa now supports seamless payments from travel agents choosing to use Mint Payments. Send your next payments via the Mint Payment Portal using: Company Number – M470694

Learn more about Bench Africa

Are you overdue a Bench Africa product update? Click your BDM below to arrange face to face, or book a virtual session here.

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