Crafted Africa is excited to announce that they have updated their travel agent portal with new maps, a sustainability section, a new Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique presentation with destination maps, and a Liability Insurance section.

These maps not only showcase major attractions, landmarks, and points of interest but also provide practical insights such as flight connections between Malawi, Zambia, and Mozambique.

This comprehensive approach offers a deeper understanding of the regions Crafted Africa promotes and their associated attractions, enhancing your knowledge for effective sales.

Additionally, you’ll discover updated presentations for these three nations, ready to be utilized in your promotional efforts.

Crafted Africa are also running several FAM trips towards the end of the year please check out more information on this from the agent portal.

Crafted Africa offers adventure tours across Southern Africa – in MalawiZambia, Mozambique and even Tanzania and Zanzibar. The team blend local knowledge with an international understanding of standards, offering quick response times and truly personalised service to give you trips that are intricately tailored to your needs.

They combine this with a myriad of adventure activities to suit your taste and that will build memories to last a lifetime – from walking safaris to helicopter or hot air balloon flights, from water-sports to cultural experiences, from mountain hiking to tiger fishing – the opportunities are endless.

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