Etihad Airways is set to rekindle its presence in East Africa, resuming daily passenger flights to the vibrant city of Nairobi starting from 1 May 2024. This eagerly awaited move not only reconnects the capital of Kenya with the United Arab Emirates but also bolsters cultural and economic ties between the two regions.

Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad Airways, expressed the airline’s elation in restarting flights to Nairobi. He described Nairobi as a dynamic and exciting city, highlighting its status as the gateway to Kenyan safaris, a dream adventure for countless travellers. The journey promises to unveil Africa’s diverse and magnificent wildlife, creating an enticing prospect for adventure seekers.

Flight EY767 is scheduled to take off from Abu Dhabi at 09:05, embarking on its journey to Nairobi, where it’s set to touch down at 13:15. The return journey, designated as EY768, commences in Nairobi at 18:10, with the aircraft landing in Abu Dhabi at 00:20 the following day. Etihad Airways has chosen an Airbus A320 to serve this route, configured to offer both business and economy-class seating options.

This revival of the Nairobi route represents a significant opportunity for travellers from Kenya, as it enables them to seamlessly connect to Etihad Airways’ expansive network. Passengers can link up with flights to various destinations in the GCC, the United States, Europe, India, and South-East Asia. Additionally, these flights are expected to bolster cross-business collaborations and enhance trade relations between the UAE and Kenya, fostering growth in Kenya’s thriving economy.

Passengers eager to explore this connection and experience the wonders of Nairobi and beyond can now book their tickets and set the stage for an exciting and convenient travel experience. Etihad Airways is committed to providing travellers with unparalleled service and connectivity, ensuring a seamless journey between these two dynamic regions.

As Etihad Airways embarks on this new adventure, it’s poised to offer passengers an incredible opportunity to explore East Africa’s treasures, connect with business partners, and strengthen the bonds between the United Arab Emirates and Kenya. The resumption of daily flights to Nairobi signifies a promising chapter in the realm of travel, facilitating cultural exchanges and economic collaboration between these diverse and dynamic regions.

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