The Cyinzobe Trail, a new addition to the re-known Nyungwe Rainforest spanning over 1000 square kilometres, is a sanctuary for various species including primates, birds and countless plant varieties.

The Cyinzobe Trail is a recently introduced three-day trekking route that offers a fresh perspective on the wonders of Nyungwe National Park. Named after the famous Cyinzobe waterfall, this trail allows visitors to explore the forest’s southern part, uncover hidden treasures and engage with local culture along the way.

Trail highlights

Cyinzobe Trail Nyungwe NP Rwanda. Image: Heritage Safaris

Cyinzobe Waterfall: The trail begins with a mesmerizing encounter with the Cyinzobe waterfall, the misty atmosphere and lush surroundings make this spot a perfect place for photography and reflection 

Diverse Flora and Fauna: This trek takes you through varying landscapes, from bamboo thickets to moss-draped trees, and keep an eye out for vibrant bird species and playful primates such as colobus monkeys and chimpanzees.

Panoramic views: As you ascend higher along the trail, be prepared for breathtaking panoramic views

The itinerary

Day 1: A nature walk of about 3 hours ( depending on the fitness level of hikers) to reach the first camping site, at this site get ready for a big sighting of tree species and plant life. Hikers will have a chance to pass by the suspended aerial bridge overlooking Nyungwe Forest’s Canopy of trees.

Day 2: Day two is ranked as a strong one, is about six hours long, along with our professional guide you will enjoy spotting and learning about the most prolific and rare species, Get your cameras ready! 

Day 3: The third day which is the last is about three hours like the first one and is ranked as moderate,  it involves walking from the second campsite to the Gisakura Visitor Center. This final stretch of the trail completes a total distance of 23 kilometres of walking.


Cyinzobe Trail Campsites. Image: Nyungwe National Park

To ensure that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable experience during their journey, two exclusive full-board campsites with wooden cabins are available along the Cyinzobe trail. These campsites offer a cosy retreat amidst nature allowing hikers to rest.

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