Christian Sperka is the Resident Wildlife Photographer and Senior Field Guide for Thanda Safari in South Africa. A member of The Leading Hotels of the World, Thanda Safari is a multi-award-winning luxury game reserve with three accommodation offerings: Thanda Safari Lodge with its 9 exquisite bush suites; Villa iZulu – a completely private, luxurious bush retreat, ideal for celebrities, small groups and families; and Thanda Tented Camp with its 15 luxury safari tents for an evocative, traditional safari.

Christian is someone you need to get to know, and here is why.

What is your job description and what does your role involve?

I’m the resident wildlife photographer at Thanda Safari in KwaZulu Natal. Here guests can experience a distinctive African safari experience. It offers three different accommodation options, Thanda Tented Camp, Thanda Safari Lodge and Villa iZulu and activities from Big Five game drives, specialised bush walks and Zulu cultural tours into the rural community to photographic safaris. This is where I come in – my main job is to teach guests wildlife photography and take them on the photographic safaris (game drives). I also provide images to Thanda Safari for PR and social media posts and I’m also one of the senior field guides on the reserve.

Which parts of the travel industry do you work with?

The Safari industry.

What do you love most about your job?

Taking pictures of wildlife in their natural habitat (motion photography). I consider working at a 5-star private game reserve a privilege as only Thanda vehicles are allowed in the reserve. Finding and observing interesting animal sightings is a pleasure as you’re not competing with other game drive vehicles.

What are the challenges of your role?

Adjusting my teaching and guiding to the individual guests’ requirements.

What is your favourite African experience and why?

Any wildlife experiences (game drives, walks, hides, boat rides, …) in KwaZulu Natal and the Lowveld: Because I love wildlife photography and I enjoy teaching as a photographer and as a field guide.

What are your top tips for travelling Africa?

Pick the right time of the year to come to South Africa (depending on your interest) and stay at least four nights at each of your stops to make it a truly enjoyable and a relaxing trip. Less stops are more!  

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