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In a move that is sure to boost the country’s burgeoning tourist industry, the Malawi government has now removed the requirement for entry visas for no less than 79 nationalities around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years, before and after the pandemic, Malawi has been emerging as one of the most complete tourist destinations in Africa, a trajectory that will no doubt be accelerated by this initiative.

Malawi has long been recognized for its stunning landscapes, amazing beaches and cultural interactions with the friendliest people in the world. It has recently benefitted from a massive conservation project that has transformed its wildlife and given it superb safaris on top. With the final piece of its tourism jigsaw in place, and entry into the country now as straightforward as possible, and cost-free, the sky’s the limit for the Warm Heart of Africa!

The revised visa regulations were announced on 7 February 2024. It has also since been confirmed that they come into force with immediate effect and that there will be no residual fees, meaning visitors who no longer need a visa can enter Malawi without any charge for entry.

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