Footsteps in Africa is thrilled to announce that Peake Safaris will be joining their collection. Peake Safaris operate tailor-made, privately guided, luxury mobile safaris.

The team on the ground, along with Footsteps in Africa behind the scenes, pride themselves on working with every client to deliver their dream safari. There are no set departures and the mobiles are individually tailored to each guest.

Peake Safaris meets Footsteps in Africa’s ethos of owner-run and operated safaris perfectly. Each destination is guided by Gareth Peake who was born and bred in Maun, Botswana, into a passion for the wilderness. Gareth combines an infectious sense of adventure, and a love of storytelling with an eagle eye for well-camouflaged game, ensuring his guests enjoy campfire musings and spectacular game sightings equally.

In authentic keeping with the original style of safari, Peake Safaris enable the entire camp to be mobile and to move seamlessly every few days. The design of their safaris is not a matter of ticking off the big five but fully immersing one’s self in the landscapes of Botswana. Whilst the style of their safaris is rooted in tradition, the camp is equipped with comfortable four poster beds encased in luxury linen, en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets, hot water, solar-powered wifi, and of course top class service.

The team is sensitive and flexible and able to create safaris unique to each guest. If a slower start to the day is requested the team will find a shady tree to relax under whilst the chef cooks breakfast to order. Alternatively, if guests would like a day filled to the brim with adventure they’ll be up at dawn to track big game or any species of particular curiosity. The possibilities do not end there, and for something different guests can walk with a family of local bushmen to immerse themselves in a traditional way of life before ending the day learning to navigate by the stars.

Footsteps in Africa will continue to offer their budget safaris for those travelers who have come to Africa with tighter purse strings. For those who would like a little bit more luxury and something that pairs well with Lodges of Botswana’s Delta Camp, Peake Safaris is a wonderful choice.

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