Proflight Zambia has officially launched its much-anticipated safari season for 2025, revealing the schedules for travellers embarking on its Mfuwe, Lower Zambezi, and Livingstone routes.

Available for purchase on Proflight’s website, VRS, and the Global Distribution System (GDS), these schedules promise unparalleled access to Zambia’s most iconic wildlife destinations.

Proflight’s Director of Flight Operations, Captain Josias Walutiba, highlighted the carrier’s preparations for what is expected to be a bustling season.

“We’re seeing a surge in multi-generational family bookings, driving significant interest in our flights and safari packages,” said Walutiba.

“We encourage everyone to explore our offerings early to secure preferred dates and lodges.”

Proflight Zambia operates flights to airstrips near key national parks and reserves, ensuring convenient access for safari enthusiasts. Mfuwe, situated in Zambia’s Eastern Province, serves as the gateway to the famed South Luangwa National Park, renowned for its diverse wildlife population, including elephants, hippos, and various big cats.

Livingstone, home to the majestic Victoria Falls, offers a range of thrilling activities, from heart-pounding bungee jumps to tranquil sunset cruises. Meanwhile, the Lower Zambezi region provides a variety of accommodation options, from luxurious lodges to rustic bush camps, promising a safari experience tailored to every preference.

Looking ahead, Proflight plans to release the Chunga schedule by August, pending the route’s performance in 2024. Similar to Lower Zambezi, flights with insufficient bookings 45 days prior may be subject to cancellation, ensuring efficient service for passengers.

In addition to unveiling its safari schedules, Proflight has announced enhancements to its interline partnerships and online check-in services. Travellers can now take advantage of streamlined services with South African Airways for seamless connectivity, though Emirates’ online check-in capabilities for Proflight flights are currently in development.

“We are committed to enhancing convenience and accessibility for our passengers,” Walutiba emphasized. “These improvements reflect our dedication to providing a hassle-free journey from booking to touchdown.”

As interest grows in Zambia’s safari adventures, Proflight Zambia stands ready to meet the demand, promising unforgettable experiences amidst Africa’s wild landscapes. For travellers seeking the ultimate safari escape, Proflight’s 2025 schedules offer a gateway to discovery and adventure like never before.

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