Serena Hotels is proud to announce that it has received a series of prestigious awards at the 2023 Eco Warrior Awards, presented by Ecotourism Kenya. These awards celebrate best practices in responsible tourism, with a focus on environmental, social, and cultural aspects.

The theme of this year’s awards was ‘Sustainable Tourism: A Brighter Future for People, Planet, and Profit.’

The awards achieved

Serena Beach Resort & Spa, one of Serena Hotels’ coastal properties, was honoured with two significant awards: Best Accommodation in Promoting Biodiversity Conservation – Serena Beach Resort & Spa’s dedication to preserving and promoting biodiversity conservation has been recognized. The resort ensures that guests can experience the natural beauty of the coastal region while safeguarding the environment.

The property was also awarded the Best Accommodation in Promoting Heritage and Cultural Integration – Serena Beach Resort & Spa’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the heritage and culture of the coastal communities has earned it this prestigious award. The resort offers an authentic cultural experience to its guests, enriching their understanding of the local traditions.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge, a fully solar-powered lodge, located in the heart of the Maasai Mara, has received the esteemed accolade for Best Accommodation in Addressing Climate Change through Adaptation and Mitigation – The lodge’s dedication to sustainability is exemplified by its extensive use of solar power, which significantly reduces its carbon footprint. These outstanding efforts, combined with its commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation, have earned the lodge a well-deserved award.

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, another fully solar-powered property set up in Tsavo West under the Serena Hotels portfolio, was awarded First Runner-Up in Addressing Climate Change through Adaptation and Mitigation – Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge’s commitment to environmental conservation and climate action has earned it recognition as the first runner-up in this category.

These awards, bestowed by Ecotourism Kenya, serve as a testament to Serena Hotels’ steadfast commitment to sustainability, the preservation of culture, and action against climate change. Ashish Sharma, the newly appointed CEO and Managing Director of Serena Hotels – Africa, expressed his sincere gratitude to the judges and the Executive Committee for this recognition while also appreciating the support given by the staff of Serena Hotels and all Serena guests who contribute to efforts in creating a positive global impact.

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