In recent years, Africa has witnessed an astonishing surge in the demand for safari-style family holidays. What was once considered a costly and strenuous endeavour has now become a thriving trend among families from across the globe. The concept of multi-generational travel, where grandparents, parents, and children embark on a shared adventure, has taken centre stage. This transformation in family travel has paved the way for the emergence of exquisite accommodations, such as The Sunset House, by Kafunta Safaris.

A Dream Deferred, Yet Unwavering

The Sunset House. Photo Credit: Kafunta Safaris

Kafunta Safaris, a Zambian safari operator with an impressive track record, including properties like Kafunta River Lodge, Three Rivers Camp, Island Bush Camp, and the recently unveiled Sunset House, responded to this growing demand with unwavering commitment. Anke & Ron Cowan, the family owners, had set their sights on creating a family and friends house at Kafunta, scheduled for commencement in 2020. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily halted this project.

However, as the world grappled with the pandemic and the resulting prolonged confinement, the demand for multi-generational travel continued to soar. Grandparents, separated from their loved ones, began to contemplate spending a portion of their savings on a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation to create lasting memories. It’s now more common than ever to see couples in their late 60s or mid-70s returning to their favourite safari lodge, bringing along their adult children and their young grandchildren. Whether it’s for a significant birthday, anniversary, or simply to share their love for Africa, they are willing to invest in this experience.

Kafunta Safaris decided to press ahead with their family house project, and this year, they are thrilled to unveil it, coinciding with Kafunta’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. They have aptly named it ‘The Sunset House.’ This family retreat is a testament to the enduring spirit of multi-generational travel in Africa.

Africa: A Destination for All Ages

Photo Credit: Kafunta Safaris

Africa stands as a unique destination for all generations. Its diverse landscapes, captivating wildlife, and rich cultural heritage offer something for everyone. Whether you’re an adventurous grandparent, a wildlife-loving parent, or a curious child, Africa’s enchanting wonders beckon you.

The Perfect Family Retreat

The Sunset House offers the perfect family retreat, embracing the beauty of a private setting. It is tailor-made for multi-generational families, ensuring flexibility in dining options and activity schedules. No matter your age, the Sunset House has something special in store for each guest.

Privacy and Seclusion

The layout of The Sunset House is designed to accommodate families of up to 9-10 guests, ensuring privacy and seclusion. It is a sanctuary where families can bond and create lifelong memories.

Flexible Experiences

What sets multi-generational travel in Africa apart is the flexibility it offers. The Sunset House, with its private services, including a chef, waiting staff, and a safari guide, allows you to design your safari adventure according to your family’s preferences.

Activities for All Ages

Beyond traditional safari activities, The Sunset House offers a plethora of family-friendly outings. You can explore community and conservation projects in the village, engage in hands-on craft experiences, or even enjoy an entertaining theatre performance by a local group, all with a focus on education. These experiences are designed to engage and educate family members of all ages.

Sustainable Safari

The Sunset House emphasizes the importance of sustainable tourism and teaches younger travellers about the positive impact they can have on local communities. This commitment to conservation and community development ensures that your family’s adventure leaves a lasting, positive mark.

Photo Credit: Kafunta Safaris

In an era where multi-generational travel is thriving, The Sunset House at Kafunta Safaris exemplifies the perfect African family escape. It brings generations together under the African sun, ensuring cherished memories are made in one of the world’s most captivating destinations. Africa’s timeless beauty, The Sunset House’s thoughtful design, and the commitment to sustainable safari make for an unforgettable multi-generational adventure, where the bonds of family are strengthened, and the wonders of Africa are discovered anew.

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