Volcanoes Safaris, a trailblazer in gorilla and chimpanzee ecotourism since 1997, is set to open its fifth lodge in Africa, Kibale Lodge, on 1 July 2024. Situated a mere 30-minute drive from Kibale Forest, this new lodge offers stunning views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Queen Elizabeth National Park’s plains, and the Kazinga Channel.

Nestled in the historical heartland of the Batoro and medieval Bachwezi kingdoms, Kibale Lodge will feature eight bandas, with four opening in July and the remaining four by year’s end. Guests will also enjoy amenities such as a spa and pool. The lodge has been meticulously crafted by Volcanoes’ in-house teams of African artisans, under the guidance of Ugandan-born founder, Praveen Moman.

“There are three important things to share about this lodge,” Moman said. “Firstly, as with our other lodges, it has been hand-built by our artisans. Secondly, we are honoured to work with key partners to promote conservation and community activities around Kibale. Finally, Kibale Forest – the Primate Capital of the World – is one of the best parks to view chimpanzees in Africa, with a community of 1,500 chimps.”

Kibale Lodge is conveniently located an hour’s drive from the historic town of Fort Portal and the Kasese airstrip, with daily flights to and from Entebbe, as well as to Volcanoes Safaris’ other lodges. Bookings for Kibale Lodge are now open.

Community and Conservation Partnerships

At Kibale Lodge, Volcanoes Safaris will collaborate with the Jane Goodall Institute to launch community outreach programmes, particularly through the Roots and Shoots initiative aimed at developing women leaders in conservation. Additionally, the lodge will work with the Albertine Apes Alliance, an advocacy network established during Volcanoes Safaris’ 25th anniversary in 2022, to promote responsible ecotourism in Kibale Forest.

A new cultural partnership with the Rwenzori Sculpture Foundation will bring traditional Ugandan clan sculptures to the lodge, enhancing its cultural appeal. Furthermore, Volcanoes is constructing a vocational centre at the nearby Sadhguru School to support local education.

For more details and to book your stay at Kibale Lodge, visit Volcanoes Safaris’ Kibale Lodge.

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