In a groundbreaking move to promote South Africa as a premier tourist destination, South African Tourism has launched its much-anticipated inaugural Mega Lekker Escape. On 24 February, a contingent of 90 Australian and New Zealand travel agents, alongside consumer and trade media representatives, embarked on this exciting journey.

The Mega Lekker Escape promises an extraordinary exploration of South Africa over the course of the next week. Divided into nine simultaneous familiarization trips (famils), the participants will traverse the length and breadth of the country.

Led by Australian and New Zealand wholesalers, these journeys will offer a comprehensive experience of South Africa’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and attractions. The climax of this escapade awaits at the iconic Sun City Resort nestled in the heart of the Pilanesberg Big 5 Game Reserve, where a two-day training event will conclude the adventure.

The group gathered at Sydney Airport ready to fly to South Africa.

From the enchanting Kalahari Desert to the southern tip of Cape Agulhas, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge, participants will venture into uncharted territories. Beyond the well-known tourist spots, the emphasis will be on discovering South Africa’s hidden treasures and engaging in community and conservation activities. Such experiences aim not only to arm the participants with in-depth knowledge and confidence to promote South Africa but also to leave an indelible mark on their hearts.

The success of the Mega Lekker Escape owes much to the collaborative efforts of South African Tourism’s Australian and New Zealand trade wholesaler partners. Companies such as Above and Beyond Holidays, Adventure Destinations, Adventure World, MW Tours, The Africa Safari Co., This is Africa, Viva Expeditions, and World Journeys have played pivotal roles in orchestrating and hosting the itineraries throughout South Africa.

Adventure Destinations group headed out on a Joburg Walking Tour.

The Mega Lekker Escape represents a significant milestone in South Africa’s tourism promotion efforts, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich tapestry of experiences and cementing its status as a must-visit destination for travellers from Australia and New Zealand.

Africa Beat’s editor, Kate, is on the ground in South Africa as a part of the Mega Lekker Escape and will be bringing daily updates to the Africa Beat Facebook page. You can follow HERE to stay up to date.

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