Discover East Africa with Wilderness and venture into the home to the awe-inspiring Serengeti, Rwanda’s rainforests with their alluring mountain gorillas, and the serene landscapes of Akagera.

There’s nowhere quite as diverse. Whether you’re witnessing the drama of the Great Migration, where thousands of zebra and wildebeest thunder across vast plains, coming face-to-face with mountain gorillas, or simply relaxing on your deck while elephants drink along the lakeshore below, each encounter promises to be unforgettable.

Wilderness Usawa Serengeti

Image: Wilderness Usawa Serengeti

With the Great Migration currently moving across the plains of the Serengeti, there’s no better time than now to explore one of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations on game drives and guided walks. Based at our luxury mobile camp, Wilderness Usawa is the ideal base for experiencing the action in comfort, offering great wildlife encounters distanced from crowded tourist hubs.

Wilderness Sabyinyo

Image: Wilderness Sabyinyo

Travel to Rwanda, home of the endangered mountain gorilla. Accompanied by expert guides, trek through lush forests to encounter these majestic creatures in their natural habitat – a rare and humbling experience that will resonate with you forever. With your base at the community-owned Wilderness Sabyinyo, unwind in an authentic home-away-from-home, with bountiful organic gardens and fantastic views.

Wilderness Magashi

The luxury tents at Magashi Camp. Photo Credit – Kate Webster

The restoration of Rwanda’s Akagera National Park’s habitat over the past few decades is nothing short of remarkable. Today, it is Central Africa’s largest protected wetland and home to plentiful and diverse wildlife with excellent opportunities to view lions, rhinos, leopards, hippos and elephants. Set on picturesque Lake Rwanyakazinga, Magashi is a sanctuary where luxury meets conservation, setting the stage for an exceptional safari adventure. 

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