Wilderness Little Kulala should be on everybody’s photo-safari bucket list. Bordering the Namib-Naukluft National Park, with private access through an exclusive-use gate, this chic desert retreat offers the closest and earliest entry-point to the iconic red dunes of Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei, ideal for those sought-after contrasting light-shade dune shots.

Recently refurbished, Little Kulala effortlessly embraces its Namib vistas. Your suite’s private pool is where we’re sure to find you enjoying lazy afternoons, while your rooftop invites private sundowners and suppers. A roll-out bed on your shaded deck is perfect for a siesta, or heavenly night’s sleep. 

At Little Kulala our menus highlight indigenous produce. Sample Namibian dates, eembe fruit, venison, millet, and local beans. Have brunch in front of camp with your feet in the Namib sand. Indulge in a delicious oasis lunch in a dry river bed in the desert. Treat yourself to African tapas on your sala overlooking the red dunes. Retreat to the wine cellar for a romantic dinner for two.

Totally solar-powered, the modern lines of this Namibian camp open out to the desert, making you forget where Little Kulula ends and the desert begins. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in the diverse landscapes, discovering a fascinating and exceptionally varied array of insects, reptiles, and wildlife along the way.

Restoring the wilderness

Little Kulala lies on 27,000 hectares of the pristine Kulala Wilderness Reserve. But this majestic desert landscape didn’t always look this way. Once upon a time, the farmland here was used for subsistence goat farming, with very little indigenous wildlife left. Some 30 years ago Wilderness pushed to protect the ancient landscape, returning the land to its former glorious natural state.


Photo Credit: Wilderness Little Kulala

Adventures exclusive to guests within the private reserve include guided nature drives, quad biking and electric fat bike excursions, and nature and running trails by day. By night, walks reveal fascinating nocturnal activity. Another must-do is a thrilling hot air balloon flight over the vast Namib Sand Sea, spotting Namibia’s famously mystical fairy circles. With 27,000 hectares of pristine private land bordering Sossusvlei, Kulala Wilderness Reserve offers endless spectacular desert scenery and extraordinary, and unexpected, desert wildlife.   

For more visit wildernessdestinations.com/africa/namibia/sossusvlei/little-kulala

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