Sanctuary Retreats has announced some updates to their Egypt product, including changes to deck plans and their itineraries.

Below is the information on the updated deck plans, 4-night and 8-night itineraries to help you with your Sanctuary booking journey. Please note, 8-night itineraries for 2024 can now only be run with a Private Guide.

The updated brochures with deck plans can be found for each vessel here on their website.

There have also been some cabin changes and the below reflects the new configuration of cabins and suites per vessel:

Cabin Numbers have been updated:

  • Sun Boat IV is now 38 cabins (34 standard, 2 presidential, 2 royal)
  • Nile Adventurer is now 30 cabins (26 standard, 2 presidential, 2 junior)
  • Sun Boat III is now 16 cabins (12 standard, 2 royal, 2 presidential)

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