Karryn Papenfus Managing Director/Owner of Adventure Destinations, a company that offers independent and escorted tours, with customisable options that cater for your client’s specific needs, style and budget. Africa travel is Adventure Destinations specialty, with Karryn and her team ready to help with the planning of your clients’ dream African holiday.

Karryn Papenfus is someone you need to get to know, and here is why.

What is your job description and what does your role involve?

I’ve been the owner of Adventure Destinations since 2007 and am the Managing Director.  It would probably be easier to list what my role doesn’t involve than what it does involve!  Apart from managing the business, sales, accounts, product management and marketing, I also look after all of our groups and some tailor-made individual itineraries when our amazing team are really busy.

Which parts of the travel industry do you work with?

Our fabulous travel agents Australia-wide.

What do you love most about your job?

I truly get a buzz out of delivering the trip of a lifetime to our loyal agents’ clients, especially when we can plan an extensive adventure in Africa.  Taking someone to Africa for the first time is an extremely rewarding but very emotional experience for me.  It takes me back to my first time and often brings me to tears.  Additionally, I love the opportunities to travel, have incredible experiences, and meet extremely interesting people.

What are the challenges of your role?

The biggest challenge is TIME – not enough of it to do all the things I want to do to market and grow my business.   The second biggest challenge is getting experienced staff to build the team.  There are always so many more different packages and products we could be offering, and it would be nice to reduce my workload.  I’m working on it.

What do you wish the travel industry did more of?

wish the travel industry were more committed to creating, selling and promoting products that support wildlife conservation and environmental protection.  Too often, products are sold based on price rather than quality and the sustainability ethos of the company offering them.

How can the travel industry work with you?

Our expert travel specialists, with decades of experience, tailor-make holidays to suit every style and budget for independent travellers and groups.  We offer personalised service, saving agents time and money by handling itinerary planning so they can focus on other clients.  Simply contact us by email or give us a call, and we’ll discuss your clients’ or groups’ needs to design a unique tailor-made itinerary using our expertise. 

We care about the products we offer as much as agents care about the trips they sell to their clients.  We’re always available and know how to handle emergencies, with someone on the ground to put clients at ease if anything changes or goes wrong.   Adventure Destinations is 100% Australian owned and operated and we’re a small business, just like most of the travel agents out there! 

What is your favourite African experience and why?

Oh wow, this is such a hard question as every experience I have is unique and I always come home thinking it was the best yet.  However, I would have to say my recent experience with Rhino conservation at Marataba tops the list.  We got to be involved in micro-chipping, taking DNA samples, measuring, counting etc with a vet team.  I never thought I would have the opportunity to do something like this in my life.  It was not only memorable but also a very moving experience with one of the most endangered and magnificent creatures on the planet.

Where is your next African adventure to?

I don’t yet have a plan but I am hoping it is Tanzania or Madagascar.  The hardest part is that there are so many awe-inspiring places to see, and yet there are so many fantastic places I’ve already visited that I’d love to revisit.  How do you choose?

What are your top tips for travelling Africa?

Take time to get out from behind the camera and simply enjoy the moment.  Often, we focus so much on capturing the perfect shot that we miss the chance to fully experience the environment, observe the unique habits of the wildlife and listen to the sounds of the African bush.  And don’t forget to pack thermals, gloves and a scarf – the early mornings and evenings can get quite chilly at certain times of the year.

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