Great Plains Conservation has released its seasonal guides for Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.
Great Plains Conservation provides the perfect setting for a personalised African safari adventure to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and beyond. They currently operate some 18 safari camps, which include luxury lodges and tented camps.

Great Plains Conservation works together with local governments and community groups to promote low-density, environmentally conscious tourism, supplying economic incentives for the protection of wildlife.

Great Plains Conservation was founded in 2006 by a group of conservationists and filmmakers. Its CEO is Dereck Joubert. Dereck and Beverly Joubert are National Geographic wildlife filmmakers, behind titles such as Last Lions and Eye of the Leopard. Dereck Joubert is also a National Geographic Explorer at large.

These seasonal guides are invaluable in assisting you in answering difficult questions clients might ask you about wildlife, the environment, the habitat, and the weather.

You can download each of the guides below:




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