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To enhance customers’ travel experience with South African Airways (SAA), the airline has announced that they have taken Automated Customer Schedule Change and Flight Status Notifications live.

This represents a significant milestone for SAA and underscores its unwavering commitment to continuously improving the customer experience. The traveller’s journey is at the heart of everything SAA do, and these automated notifications are designed to make your client’s travels with the airline even more seamless and enjoyable.

The official launch was Monday, 11 December 2023. Travel agents can look forward to customers receiving these timely updates through email, WhatsApp, and SMS, ensuring that your valued clients are always informed, when travelling on any SAA flights; provided that a valid mobile number and email address is inserted into the PNR.

What makes this introduction even more special is its perfect timing for the December travel rush. This innovative enhancement will assist you in various scenarios, including scheduled departure time change, schedule change flight cancellation, special customer communication, estimated time of departure (ETD) change, boarding gate information, boarding gate change, flight delays, aircraft changes, turnarounds, and schedule modifications.

SAA encourage you to ensure that all PNR’s booked with SAA have valid contacts listed to benefit from this product offering. With the ability to trigger notifications at speed and at scale, SAA’s goal is to keep your valued clients seamlessly connected and well-informed throughout their journey.

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