Grumeti Air are thrilled to finally announce the start of commercial operations of the long overdue King Air 350 aircraft. The first commercial chartered flight was flown on Tuesday last week from Mwanza to Sasakwa and Grumeti Air are now ready to welcome more and more premium guests, eager to experience speed, comfort and style on board of this one-of-a-kind aircraft in the East African skies.

Almost as fast as a private jet, this pressurised and extra comfortable twin-prop luxury aircraft can also land in bush airstrips such as Sasakwa and Seronera, in the heart of the Serengeti.

Thanks to its twin engine and its high cruising speed, the KingAir 350 is the perfect choice for long-haul flights, with a wide range of operation allowing to connect the Serengeti even with remote locations such as Victoria Falls and Seychelles.  

Grumeti Air charter price list has been updated with a whole new KingAir section and is available for download from the website.

Photo Credit: Grumeti Air

Grumeti Air is a small, personalised safari air transfer company, flying between key destinations in the world renowned Serengeti region of northern Tanzania. Founded and managed by a team that has been operating world class tourism lodges and aviation services in the area for over 20 years, Grumeti Air’s objectives are primarily safety and adopting a flight timetable that suits the traveller, thus minimising travel time so that our passengers can rather spend their time on the ground exploring the incredible beauty of the Serengeti and enjoying the many wonders that it has to offer.

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