The Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga, a luxurious expedition vessel, is set to redefine travel experiences on Lake Kivu, Rwanda, connecting the Primates of Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Parks, offering unmatched comfort, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable adventures.

The Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga sets sail from either the north or south of Lake Kivu, providing guests with two unique itineraries to choose from. Whether embarking on a journey from Gisenyi in the north or Nyamasheke in the south, guests are treated to panoramic views, rich cultural experiences, and the natural beauty of Rwanda’s western boundary.

The 2-night itinerary offers a serene escape, while the 3-night journey allows for a deeper immersion into the wonders of Lake Kivu. Guests can expect guided tours to iconic islands like Napoleon, Monkey, Peace, and Teddy Bear Islands, where they can witness the region’s rich history and vibrant culture firsthand.

To learn more about Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga and explore the travel agent pack, which includes images, facts, and rate sheets, please visit the dedicated Trade Download Portal here.

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