Natural Selection is delighted to introduce you to their new specialist wellness guide, Robyn Sheldon. With over thirty years’ experience, Robyn offers nature-integrated healing sessions designed to promote deep relaxation and mindfulness, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance the overall well-being for safari guests.

Robyn has always had a deep connection to nature and strongly believes that nurturing oneself, in nature, offers profound healing capabilities and brings one back to stillness. Natural Selection could not agree more. For years they have witnessed guests transform on safari when they let go of stress and connect with their surroundings. Robyn’s mindfulness and healing sessions are an ideal start to a safari so that guests can recalibrate, recharge, and find inner peace and healing in nature.

Robyn is based at Thamo Telele (on the outskirts of Maun), but as a specialist wellness guide, she can also join guests at any point during their safari. Her sessions are ideal at the start of a safari for individuals interested in making the most of their time in nature or for honeymoon couples embarking on a new chapter in life. Botswana with its wildlife, its heart-settling Okavango Delta waterways and the vastness of its ancient Makgadikgadi landscapes, could not be a more magical place to be brought back to nature’s harmony and become truly present. 

Why book a wellness safari with Robyn

Through the mindfulness work that Robyn offers, you are submerged into the peace and tranquillity of nature and guided on a journey where the worries of everyday life are shed and where we can tune into nature’s support. In longer sessions, there is process work and a deep healing experience that connects you to nature and to your authentic self and purpose. Robyn works around the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit and will support you throughout each session to find wholeness in nature and a deep appreciation of life.

Robyn will be available in the camps from 1 March 2024. CLICK HERE to find out more about a wellness safari experience with Robyn.

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