Nxamaseri Island Lodge in Botswana has reopened and is welcoming guests to this secluded oasis in Botswana with some updates and new offerings.

A Desert & Delta Safaris property, Nxamaseri Island Lodge is a unique African experience on a private island in the permanent waters of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. A small, exclusive lodge, it is one of the oldest in the Okavango Delta. The distinct style of Nxamaseri Island Lodge showcases the beauty of the permanent swamp that is it’s home and subtly expresses the rich vibrance of the indigenous people.

Air Access 

In an effort to ensure consistency and seamless connectivity for your guests staying at Nxamaseri Island Lodge, all flights will be arriving and departing from Shakawe airstrip. Transfers from/to Shakawe airstrip are approximately 1 hour and are done on a complimentary basis, in an enclosed vehicle and our safari boats (water level dependent).

Nxamaseri Spa 

The brand new over-the-water spa perfectly encapsulates the lodge’s new focus on blending wellness and relaxation into the charming safari routine. All guests will receive a complimentary treatment with a host of optional treatments available on request.

Blending Culture Into Cooking 

Sustainably sourced, local and healthy ingredients make up a combination that brings alive our simple yet delectable meals and snacks. Learning about the traditional practices of fishermen & farmers brings the history of the meals to life. 

Where Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites Meet

Nxamaseri Island Lodge’s proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tsodilo Hills, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking something different in the Okavango Delta. The hills rise dramatically from the flat Kalahari landscape, creating a sacred teeming with ancient San Bushman rock art.

Variety Of Activities 

Nxamaseri Island Lodge is renowned for its exceptional fly and sport fishing. Guests have the opportunity to explore the mighty Okavango River by boat and glide through the river’s smaller tributaries via traditional mokoro (dugout canoes). Birdwatching, guided by expert guides, is another delightful highlight at the lodge. And if you don’t want to go anywhere, make a memory by joining in on daily traditional basket weaving lessons.

Under A Canopy Of Stars

Gaze upward on our star deck fitted with a state-of-the-art telescope, where constellations weave tales of ancient Gods and celestial wonders, and our passionate staff, steeped in local knowledge, will lead you on immersive adventures right from the moment you step into the lodge.

For more, visit desertdelta.com/camps/nxamaseri-island-lodge

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