G Adventures, the pioneer of community tourism, has announced that it has added five wildlife-focused trips to its ‘Jane Goodall Collection’ in celebration of Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday. The collection, which is endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall herself, aims to promote responsible wildlife tourism and support conservation efforts across the globe.

The update will see travellers embark on life-changing adventures to Tanzania, the Amazon, Galápagos Islands, Costa Rica and the USA, including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe chimpanzees in the wild in Gombe Stream National Park, the place Dr. Goodall began her trailblazing research in 1960 at the age of 26.

The new additions build upon the success of the existing ‘Jane Goodall Collection’, which launched in 2016 and has empowered nearly 30,000 travellers to make a positive impact on the planet, just by having the time of their lives.  As a proud partner of the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, a portion of every adventure booked will be donated to help support its mission to protect wildlife and work with local communities as their partners in conservation.

With 19 trips now part of the ‘Jane Goodall Collection’, the latest itineraries offer travellers the opportunity to experience wildlife across a range of G Adventures travel styles. The ‘Tanzania: Chimp Trekking & Serengeti Safari’ itinerary is part of the recently launched Geluxe Collection of premium active trips. This itinerary includes a walking safari of the Ngorongoro Crater, a safari drive across the plains of the Serengeti, and the opportunity to see wild chimpanzees in iconic locations from Dr. Goodall’s historic time spent there.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, says: “All of us at G Adventures are sending the warmest wishes to Dr. Jane Goodall on her remarkable 90th birthday. Dr. Goodall’s dedication to wildlife conservation continues to inspire me and so many others around the world, and her tireless effort is a powerful reminder that we can all make a positive impact on the planet.

“I am so proud of this partnership and can’t wait for even more of our travellers to step deeper into the animal kingdom to connect with nature, recognising the role we play in their wellbeing and preserving their habitats.”

Dr. Jane Goodall added: “The Jane Goodall Institute thanks G Adventures for their continued support. Connecting with nature and having respect for animals is important for the wellbeing of our human spirit. It also gives travellers an understanding of the urgent need to protect our beautiful planet before it’s too late.”

The new additions to the ‘Jane Goodall Collection’ include:

Tanzania: Chimp Trekking & Serengeti Safari

Part of the new Geluxe Collection, this 10-day premium active adventure from Arusha to Dar es Salaam will see travellers witness the breathtaking wonders and wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater on safari. Additionally, a thrilling hike up Mt Makarot will offer panoramic views that’ll leave you in awe. Walk in the footsteps of Dr. Jane Goodall’s ground-breaking primate research on a wild chimpanzee trekking experience in Gombe Stream National Park and wrap up with a delicious breakfast cooking experience in Mto wa Mbu village. Priced from $10,949pp.

To find out more about the ‘Jane Goodall Collection’ and to book, please visit: www.gadventures.com/jane-goodall/

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