Qantas will boost its international capacity by more than 250,000 seats, with most of the increase taking place in the second half of 2024. This boost will see more capacity for the Australia to South Africa route.

Australia’s national carrier is currently operating at around 80 per cent of the its pre-pandemic capacity, and is still reintroducing aircraft that were grounded during the pandemic. Key international routes for the business events market set to have greater capacity include routes between Australia and the USA and Australia and South Africa.

Qantas will also introduce A380s on Sydney-Johannesburg flights for the first time in July 2023.

The boost in flights may also contribute to cheaper flights said Qantas International CEO Cam Wallace.

“This additional capacity will put more downward pressure on fares,” he said.

“The additional capacity will largely be made possible through our final two A380s returning to the Qantas fleet following heavy maintenance and cabin improvements.”

Qantas fly Sydney to Johannesburg (SYD to JNB) daily. The approximate flight time for a direct Qantas flight from Sydney to Johannesburg is 14 hours and 10 minutes.

Qantas has reduced the number of flights from 6 to 4 per week and upgraded to an A380 plane as of July with an increase to 6 flights a week for the peak periods. 

This gives an increased capacity into South Africa as following:

A380 – 485 seats (1,940 seats –  4 per week, up to 2,910 during peak periods 6 per week)

First – 14 seats

Business – 70 seats

Premium Economy – 60 seats

Economy 341

B787 – 229 seats (1,374 – 6 per week)

Business – 38

Premium Economy – 25

Economy – 166

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