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Tanzania will host the first International Tourism Summit Africa Conference and B2B Networking event from May 20 to 23 to strengthen relationships between international travel agents and local tour operators.

Alice Manupa, CEO of African Queen Adventures, a co-host of the summit, believes that this groundbreaking conference will not only be a first for the African continent but also a significant step towards revitalising Tanzania’s multibillion-dollar tourism industry.

The summit promises a rich programme, including informative seminars, an exhibition showcasing local tourism and travel operators, and an exclusive familiarisation tour of the Serval Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is dedicated to protecting the wildcat indigenous to Tanzania, and will take agents on game drives to learn about the servals’ distinctive markings, their habitat and conservation efforts to protect them.

“This event will bring together the world’s most experienced travel and tourism agents from all corners of the globe, and provide B2B meetings with local tourism professionals,” Murtaza Kalender – CEO of TravelShop Turkey, also a co-host of the event – told

Application and registration forms are available on

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