Responding to growing popularity for African adventures and travel to remote locations, World Expeditions’ Madagascar program is back in vogue. Travellers with a penchant for far-flung adventures can choose from three unique explorations of the extraordinary biodiversity and unique landscapes of the world’s fourth-largest island.

Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar was isolated from Africa millions of years ago and has evolved into one of the richest ecosystems on earth with a landscape that is as bizarre as it is unique. The island is teeming with wildlife and nearly a quarter of all of Africa’s flowering plants. It is home to ninety percent of the known species of lemur and half the world’s chameleons.

World Expeditions has delved into the island’s rich ecology and vibrant culture in creating adventures with elements to suit every age, interest and fitness level – from hiking to canoeing or wildlife viewing – carving out opportunities to encounter the nation’s culture in its true form.

“The covid hangover that loomed over the travel industry is making an accelerated recovery now we are in 2024. We are encouraged by the increase in demand for adventures in faraway lands, well off the beaten track. It feels very much like a new trend. Perhaps this is travellers’ cognisance of over tourism and visiting the lesser travelled locations where the impact is only positive. Or perhaps it is an evolution of the social media revolution, where there is a desire to capture destinations and places that will hit the mojo for likes. Whatever the case may be, you don’t get much more remote or unique than Madagascar, and we are excited to see a surge in interest for this incredible destination,” says Sue Badyari, CEO of World Expeditions.

“Synonymous with the exotic with its mesmerising blend of cartoon-quirky fauna, lush rainforests and rugged terrain, Madagascar holds a special place in the hearts of travellers seeking the extraordinary. The spirited Malagsy people are unfailingly polite and hospitable with a rich culture that is as unique as the rest of the island.”

World Expeditions’ three distinct Madagascar adventures showcase the island’s unparalleled beauty and cater to various interests and preferences:

Culture & Wildlife of Madagascar, 7 days from $2490 AUD (flights not included)

Experience the essence of Madagascar’s wildlife and culture on this family-friendly adventure, exploring lush rainforests and coastal fishing villages.

Daily departures from March to November.

Madagascar Adventure, 21 days from $6290 AUD (flights not included)

Delve into Madagascar’s diverse ecology with a multi-activity tour featuring canoeing, trekking, and wildlife safaris across national parks and reserves.

Departures available 25 May – 13 October 2024, 24 May to 12 October 2025. 

Unique Madagascar, 11 days from $3140 AUD (flights not included)

Explore the spectacular collection of the island’s national parks, blending wildlife encounters with comfortable accommodations.

Departures available April 3 – October 2 2024, 12 March – 30 July 2025

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