Phinda Forest Lodge

Luxury travel company &Beyond has unveiled the stunning refurbishment of its iconic lodge, Phinda Forest Lodge, nestled in the heart of &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The lodge, renowned for its eco-friendly design, has undergone a comprehensive rebuild, blending contemporary luxury with the essence of its original ‘Zulu-zen’ style.

Phinda Forest Lodge Refurbishment

&Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge refurbishment
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Originally established in the 1990s, the lodge’s innovative design championed sustainability, discreetly integrating into the ancient sand forest. Kevin Pretorius, &Beyond’s Managing Director for South Africa Lodges, recalls the lodge’s pioneering stance on sustainability and conservation. This refurbishment follows the founding principles of sustainability, furthering Phinda’s evolution from reclaimed farmlands to a conservation forefront.

The redesign, led by Fox Browne Creative and architect Jack Alexander, reimagines Phinda Forest Lodge. Retaining its beloved ‘Zulu-zen’ theme, the lodge now boasts a minimalist and elegant interior design while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Africa’s last dry-sand forest

Set within 1,000 hectares of Africa’s last dry-sand forest, the lodge’s refurbishment prioritizes environmental preservation. The redesign focuses on maintaining harmony with the forest, incorporating Japanese minimalism, and honouring local culture through tactile textures and natural elements.

The renovation strategically utilises existing structures to minimise environmental impact. Changes include revamped interiors with new fixtures, drawing inspiration from the surrounding sand forest. Room layouts have been reconfigured for comfort and forest views, while pathways have been redirected and reduced to enhance privacy.

Significant additions include a family suite, a library and lounge, a walkway with a central fire pit, a reshaped pool, and upgrades to dining and bar areas. The family suite now features a contemporary design with a new second bedroom. A library and sitting room blend Zulu culture with minimalist elegance, leading to an outdoor deck nestled among the trees.

&Beyond continues to offer unique conservation experiences at Phinda, focusing on species preservation and traditional Zulu culture immersion. Guests can partake in adventures like diving at Sodwana Bay and witnessing turtle nesting along the coastline.

With its refurbished charm and commitment to sustainability, Phinda Forest Lodge invites guests to experience luxury while preserving the natural wonders of the African sand forest.

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