March 3rd was World Wildlife Day (if anyone can focus while smoke curls up into the air over so many human cities, with so much hardship below in the rubble). But it is for that reason, amongst others, that we often need some kind of tether to nature, to wildlife, to the purity of the planet so we don’t get lost, thoroughly lost.

Dereck Joubert from Great Plains Conservation had a bit to say about this important day, sharing with Africa Beat his sentiments and thoughts surrounding this anniversary.

Taking a deep breath of nature can lower tension and even blood pressure and create joy. I used to think that World Wildlife Day was a reminder for us to save wildlife, but perhaps it is a reminder that they will save us.

Leonardo Di Vinci said, ‘Nature is the source of all true knowledge’, and Shakespeare said, ‘The earth has music for those who will listen.’ Any journey through literature everywhere in the world points to the same thing: that wild things, wild places, Nature, and the environment give us much more than we can possibly imagine. All it needs in return is our tolerance.

I have had my own turbulent relationship with ‘March 3rd World Wildlife Days’. Each year, I renew my dedication to protecting wildlife and telling as many people as possible about its value. Both Beverly and I use this week, each year, as one to renew that vow, to be reborn in some ways, and to find pathways to be more in tune with those rhythms because if there is any common and good rhythm, they know it.

Every guest who spends even a night with us at Great Plains knows exactly what I am talking about. They remember the nights around the fire as embers sparkle up towards the stars and the distant call of a lion rumbles over the hills, reaffirming that Nature lives and is alive via its wildlife.

That is really what we celebrate this week.

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