Jaci’s Lodge is excited to announce that they have taken a huge leap towards a greener and more sustainable future with the successful implementation of the next-generation HIPO (Hydrogen In, Power Out) clean energy-producing system in collaboration with Elemental Energy.

The HIPO is a groundbreaking, industry-first system that utilises hydrogen as an alternative clean energy source, thus paving the way to achieving their ultimate goal – to be completely self-sufficient on green, renewable energy.

Jaci’s Lodges is the first lodge in Africa to incorporate this new technology, setting the industry standard for a sustainable alternative energy source that will change the luxury African travel space forever.

The prototype was installed in August at Jaci’s Lodges – after months of tests, adjustments and tweaks, they are thrilled to announce that by the middle of this year, Jaci’s Lodges will be running on 100% renewable energy, using the HIPO as a hybrid power system that utilises solar power during the day and sustainably-sourced hydrogen at night.

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