The Selous Safari Company has rebranded to Laba Laba, celebrating the rebranding with the launch of a new website. From the unspoilt natural wilderness of their camps in the Nyerere National Park (formerly the Selous Game Reserve) and in the Ruaha National Park, to the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ island experience of the exquisite Fanjove Island, in the Indian Ocean, Laba Laba can create the ultimate African getaway.

Laba Laba means butterfly in Yoruba (a West African language). Butterflies play an important role in nature, helping to increase biodiversity. When you see a butterfly, it generally means the area is thriving and healthy.

This beautiful winged insect felt like the appropriate symbol to illustrate both Laba Laba’s mission and purpose. At Laba Laba, they are passionate about these nature reserves. They respect the African landscape and fauna and are inspired by the vibrant energy of this land, which takes us back to our origins. That deep admiration and understanding of these environs, allows Laba Laba to tailor superior safari experiences.

If you have any further questions or requests, email the reservations team on or the Australian Rep, Norman Harper on

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