Wilderness Seekers is excited to announce the launch of their new website, designed to attract more travellers to engage with the company and their services.

Wilderness Seekers embodies the untamed spirit of tourism and destination representation. Their goal is to establish connections between vibrant destinations and passionate travel specialists. Through their vetted network of travel specialists, clients gain access to a world of global travellers.

Comprised of individuals who share a devotion to the tourism sector, the team boasts extensive backgrounds in African tourism, sales, and marketing. Co-founder Neil, stationed in Phoenix, diligently keeps our US agents up to date of our clients’ endeavours. Meanwhile, co-founder Lucy, based in South Africa, frequently journeys to the UK for sales ventures. Tyla, the Wilderness Seekers exceptional brand strategist, adeptly handles all marketing and social media requirements, seamlessly integrating the clients’ narratives into the industry landscape.

Sales and Trade Representation: Identifying partnerships in the travel industry and growing clients hard working network across operators and agents.

Trade Marketing: Pro-active marketing in the travel trade and tourism industry and in order to grow client’s footprint.

Social Media: building on clients social platforms which are visually engagement.

Wilderness Seekers’ guiding values are transparency, integrity and customer-centricity. Ensuring that they always act honestly, communicate openly and prioritise the needs of our clients.

Wilderness Seekers Co-Founder, Lucy Blunt, said “Driven by passion, and inspired by community, Wilderness Seekers is a place of mutual support in the travel industry.”

For more, visit wildernessseekers.com

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