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The stunning Seychelles Islands are now more accessible than ever, thanks to a wave of new flight connections from renowned airlines. These airlines are making it easier for travellers to experience the natural beauty, pristine beaches, and unique culture of this Indian Ocean paradise. Here’s a roundup of the latest flight developments that are enhancing the connection between Seychelles and the world.

Condor Introduces the Airbus A330 Neo-900

Condor has resumed its flights to Seychelles and introduced the new Airbus A330 Neo-900 for the route, providing travellers with a comfortable and modern way to reach this tropical paradise. The airline’s return from Frankfurt carried 305 passengers, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the connection between Germany and Seychelles. With one weekly direct flight and plans to add an additional flight from November 21, 2023, to March 12, 2024, Condor is making Seychelles more accessible for European travellers.

Edelweiss Airline Offers an Alternative Travel Option

Swiss leisure airline Edelweiss has also returned to Seychelles, offering an alternative travel option for visitors. With one direct flight from Zurich to Seychelles weekly, Edelweiss enhances the island’s connectivity to one of its key source markets.

Turkish Airlines Links Seychelles to Istanbul

Joining the list of carriers is Turkish Airlines, which is expected to offer three weekly flights to Seychelles by the end of October. This development re-establishes the vital link between Seychelles and the bustling city of Istanbul, providing travellers with more options for reaching this island paradise.

Ethiopian Airlines Expands its Frequency

Ethiopian Airlines, one of Africa’s leading carriers, is set to double its daily flights to Seychelles later this October. This expansion not only bolsters Seychelles’ connectivity within the African continent but also offers travellers from around the world more choices to access this tropical haven.

Emirates Maintains Strong Connectivity

Emirates, a key player in Seychelles’ connectivity, remains at the forefront by maintaining seven weekly flights and resuming double daily flights as of October. The airline continues to ensure Seychelles is well-connected to the world.

With these exciting developments in Seychelles’ flight connections, travellers can look forward to a seamless journey to one of the world’s most sought-after paradises. The Seychelles Islands are now more accessible than ever, promising an unforgettable tropical escape.

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